Image Sensing

Enabling the world's most demanding applications with smaller, smarter and hyper-efficient image sensors using

PAT-PD™ as the foundation for computer vision technology. 


(Photon Assisted Tunneling- Photo Detector) 

SeeDevice has pioneered the world's first quantum image sensing pixel technology [read more]

What is PAT-PD™?

Using industry-standard silicon photonics, PAT-PD™ forms the core pixel structure capable of leaping beyond the performance envelope in today's CMOS Image Sensors (CIS) and System-on-Chip (SOC) imaging solutions.
The PAT-PD™ quantum tunneling effect created by the trigger of a single photon, can generate a current with unprecedented efficiency, enabling the photodiode to create a signal with significantly fewer photons from an ultra-wide range of wavelengths. This allows PAT-PD™ silicon-based CMOS Image Sensors to convey granular detail under extreme low light conditions, spanning a wide spectrum from infrared, near-infrared to visible light, ultraviolet and beyond.
Visionary image capture...
Without compromise.
Wide dynamic range and fast integration times crucial for autonomous drive and machine vision sensing.
Ultra sensitivity and low light capabilities for accurate image capture.

Bio-medical & Health 



Enabling image sensing technology to produce industry-disrupting specifications, PAT-PD technology has a wide spectrum of applications and can be easily integrated since the entire device is built on a CMOS process. 



What is PAT-PD Technology?


PAT-PD Technical Specification and Performance


PAT-PD Technology Key Benefits

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