A Closer Look At:

Quantum Image Sensing

Smart Vision Sensing

New photodetector technology redefining what's possible with standard silicon CMOS image sensors without compromise to performance or efficiency.

NIR + Visible image sensing capabilities integrated into a single device.

World's first all-in-one silicon based, Quantum Pixel image sensor with visible and near infrared capabilities.


Image capture in total darkness using Smart Vision Sensor v1.0 VGA IS + IR  LED


Live capture of blood vessels using silicon based Smart Vision Sensor v1.0 VGA IS + IR  LED

Ultra High Light Sensitivity and Low-light Capabilities

Able to capture photo data in real-time and low light environment without distortion.

Smart Vision Sensor's VGA image sensor sensitivity: ~10^6 A/W.

(* 1 lux of light is equivalent to the brightest from one candle, one meter away in a dark room)

PAT-PD VGA Image Sensor in 110nm

Smart Vision Sensor VGA Image Sensor in 110nm process

Bright Light.PNG

Bright light conditions: 50 lux

Equivalent to Fireplace lit room


Low Light Conditions: 0.1 lux

Equivalent to Night (no moon)

24.2MP DSLR (No Flash) 

B_W Filter.jpg

Low Light Conditions: 0.1 lux

Equivalent to Night (no moon)

Quantum Pixel Integration for standard silicon CMOS Process

SeeDevice's Smart Vision Sensor's innovative pixel is formed by a revolutionary new approach when compared to the traditional photodiode structure using standard silicon.  The principle of quantum tunneling allows the same photon-activated current flow to trigger with exponentially fewer photons and thus reduces the light intensity requirement when compared to the traditional P-N Junction photodiode structure.

Quantum Tunneling Effects based on patented principles of 

  • SEMD-Single Electron Memory Device

  • SPDD-Single Photon Detection Device

Screenshot 2020-10-14 154141.jpg

Quantum Pixel Performance

Smart Vision Sensor v.s  Standard Image Sensor Spectral Wavelength Responsivity Comparison 

Screenshot 2020-10-14 152150.jpg

Smart Vision Sensor's responsivity (or sensitivity) at corresponding wavelength from 300nm-1600nm, outperforms conventional technologies including Si CMOS, compound material CCD, and even Black Silicon.

It is through SeeDevice's patented quantum tunneling physics that the high rate of electron-hole pairs can be activated without the need for a proportional amount of photons. Not only is this method more efficient by several orders of magnitude, but the additional benefit of the reduced transition time equates to unparalleled image capture performance and fidelity. 

Smart Vision Sensor Quantum Pixel Technical Specifications 

Screenshot 2020-10-14 152340.jpg

Smart Vision Sensor enables device development with no compromise on technical specification. One device can have high resolution, high frame rate, high sensitivity, and a wide dynamic range without modifications.

Smart Vision Sensor Image Sensors - Key Benefits
Screenshot 2020-10-14 152600.jpg

SeeDevice's proprietary Smart Vision Sensor technology utilizes principles of quantum mechanics and nanotechnology to produce groundbreaking improvements in dynamic range, sensitivity, and low light capabilities without compromising size and efficiency.